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Employee was hurt on the job. She was hired to be a driver for a pizza company. One day she was asked to help unload the delivery truck that came in. While moving heavy boxes with frozen food in them one of the boxes fell back and hit her shoulder and neck causing injury. The supervisor on duty that day sent the injured employee to Med East and had to authorize for them to see the employee in order for it to be paid for. After seeing the doctor she was told she had a torn rotator cuff and bulging disk which caused her to be out of work. After approximately 7 months the injured worker has had deposition after deposition canceled, court hearings canceled, hurting and suffering a lot, has no kind of income coming in because she can’t work, unable to even raise her arm and is at the point that she doesn’t know what to do with the lawyer that she has. The supervisor who authorized the med center visit and the lawyer for the company didn’t show up so her deposition was canceled….


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