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Attorneys Joe Boyd & BJ Survant from the Law Firm of Reynolds, Horne & Survant talks about product liability cases with host Annette Sinclair. Annette asked what else in the way of product liability cases they see normally that comes through.

Attorney BJ Survant said the drop side cribs were in the news a lot lately, and now they can’t make them anymore because it is illegal. The reason it is now illegal is because so many children died and others become brain injured because their head got stuck. It got to the point that manufacturers can’t make them anymore because at some point somebody decided to sue the manufacturer and put them to task to prove why their product was safe and explored other alternative designs which are out there now and people are using them safely. That is one that is in the news now.

BJ also said that one of the medicines for breast cancer just got disapproved by the FDA. What happens is there is a product and then the lawyers get involved if there is a lot of injuries, serious injuries and deaths from those products and they move toward litigation and the threat of litigation makes the manufacturer worry about the safety of the products and improve the products and if necessary stop making their products.


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