Ladder Products Liability – Macon Personal Injury Attorneys

Ladder Products Liability – Macon Personal Injury Attorneys

Attorney BJ Survant describes how a product injury case is very complex. Details are crucial to determining who should be responsible for the damages. The details will determine if the injured party should sue the manufacturer, the supplier, the installation person, or someone who used the product to cause an injury.

Attorney Joe Boyd tells about a case where an individual climbed up a ladder affixed to the outside of a building. The building was between 10-15 years old and the ladder had been installed at the time of construction. The individual did not have any knowledge of a defect or problem with the ladder. As they reached the top of the ladder, the ladder pulled away from the wall and he fell.

The questions that need to be answered to determine who is at fault in this particular case of the ladder are:

1)      Was there a defect in the manufacturing of the ladder?

2)      Was the ladder poorly maintained over the years?

3)      Was the ladder improperly installed during construction of the building?

Annette St. Claire also points out that with product liability; there could be a design defect or manufacturing defect.

Attorney BJ Survant then states, that when someone is injured by a product, there are several possible “at fault” persons or companies:

1)      It might be a case against the person who was using the product that injured you

2)      The product itself could have been defective and that’s what caused the injury

3)      It could be that the seller did something wrong as they assembled the product before they sold it to you

To determine if you have a product liability case, you must contact an experienced attorney and provide them with all the details of your case.


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