How A Car Accident Lawyer Can Help You

You can do everything right. You can wear your seatbelt and adhere to local traffic laws. You can avoid distractions and call an Uber when you’ve been drinking. Yet, you can still be in a car accident despite all of this. Car accidents can happen anywhere and at any time. Even if you practice safe driving habits, it doesn’t mean every other car on the road will. So when the unexpected happens, how can an experienced car accident lawyer help you? 

File a Claim within the Statute of Limitations

After being injured in a car accident, you have a limited window to pursue and collect compensation for your injuries. This time frame to file a car accident claim is known as the statute of limitations. In Macon, GA, car accident victims have two years from the date the accident occurred to file a personal injury claim. 

While many car accident injuries occur immediately following the accident, some symptoms take longer to manifest. Brain bleeds and injuries are common examples. In some cases, symptoms of these injuries may take months to show up. The statute of limitations gives injured victims enough time for symptoms to develop. However, the time frame is limited to ensure people aren’t trying to file a claim for compensation out of the blue five years after the accident.

After a Macon, GA car accident, your personal injury lawyer will ensure your claim is within the statute of limitations. Once this window closes, so does your ability to file a claim and collect the compensation you need for your medical bills and recovery. 

Negotiate with the Insurance Company

Even though you pay into your insurance policy each month, the truth is that they’re not working for you. Insurance companies are always about their bottom line, despite what insurance commercials claim. Their goal is to save as much money as possible. They will try to underpay or deny your car accident claim to do this. This is why you shouldn’t say “I’m sorry” after an accident. Even if you were saying it to be polite, it could cost you. Fortunately, your personal injury lawyer knows what tricks insurance companies use. And they know how to combat them. 

After you file a claim, most insurance companies will settle with you before the lawsuit ever reaches trial. However, if it does go to trial, your lawyer can help with that.

They Can Represent You in Court

A car accident lawyer can let you know if you have a valid claim.
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When a car accident claim goes to court, you need a lawyer to present your case to a judge and jury. Your personal injury lawyer will guide you through what to expect. They will also develop a comprehensive strategy to advocate for your rights by getting the proper witnesses and providing the right evidence. 

Personal injury lawyers have access to accident reconstruction experts, medical professionals, and economic experts to help determine the value of the claim and support evidence of your injuries. With the help of a personal injury lawyer in court, plaintiffs usually have a higher chance of getting more money for their medical bills and lost wages. 

Knowledgeable about the Law

When looking for a personal injury lawyer, you might assume that all of them have experience with every kind of accident claim, but that’s not always the case. Some personal injury lawyers may only represent clients in one area of the law – and not necessarily the one you need. 

Searching for an experienced car accident lawyer is necessary if you want to file a claim. To determine whether a lawyer is knowledgeable about your specific accident case, look at their client testimonials and Google reviews. These resources can give you a better idea of how they can help you. 

Getting a lawyer with experience in personal injury cases can let you know if you have a valid claim and help you make informed decisions throughout the process. This includes assisting you with collecting evidence and conducting a thorough investigation into what happened. 

Deal with Debt Collectors

After a car accident, chances are you probably have costly medical bills. These may or may not have exceeded your insurance limit. In this case, the hospital or other debt collectors may start to harass you in an effort to collect a debt. If this keeps happening, your personal injury lawyer will be able to speak with these collectors to let them know that a claim is pending. 

This help can be a massive weight off your shoulders, especially if you don’t have the funds right now to pay the debt collectors what they’re asking. Your lawyer may even be able to draft up a letter to send to them to keep them updated. 

Were You Injured in a Car Accident? A Macon GA Personal Injury Lawyer is the Best Way to Get the Compensation You Deserve

The aftermath of a car accident is always overwhelming and stressful. You have costly bills. You may be out of work. Your injuries may even prevent you from performing the hobbies you once enjoyed. Situations like these are too much for anyone to handle alone – but not your lawyer. 

At Reynolds, Horne & Survant, we have years of experience handling the most complex car accident claims. Whether you’ve been injured in a rollover accident or rear-ended by a driver who doesn’t have insurance, we can help. Visit us in Macon, Georgia. Call us today at (478) 217-2582 or fill out our online contact form. We will guide you through the car accident claim process from start to finish. 

Don’t handle the aftermath of a car accident alone. Let the personal injury attorneys at Reynolds, Horne & Survant help. Visit our website to meet our attorneys or check out our case results to learn more. 


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