Evaluating a Personal Injury Claim

Evaluating a Personal Injury Claim in Macon, GA

There are many factors to consider in evaluating a personal injury claim. So be wary of any formula an insurance adjustor may try to ‘sell’ you. The value of your claim will depend upon:

  1. The nature of your injuries and how your doctors expect you to recover and if there will be any lasting affects (residual affects of your injuries)
  2. The medical bills
  3. Loss of income
  4. Pain and suffering

Evaluating a claim based upon these factors is complex. Attorney Carl Reynolds warns you not to let the insurance companies talk you into signing anything or ‘talk you down’ from your claim. Those injured need their evaluation to be handled by an experienced expert in the area of personal injury claims. The law firm of Reynolds, Horne & Survant offer Free Macon Legal Consultations to determine the maximum amount you have a right to claim.


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