Do’s and Don’ts When Hurt in a Car or Truck Accident

Do’s And Don’ts When Hurt in an Accident

Macon Personal Injury Lawyer Carl Reynolds gives excellent advice on what to do if you are injured or hurt in an accident.


  1. Immediately seek medical attention
  2. Take notes on everything you remember from the accident
  3. Talk to an attorney right away about your rights


  1. Do not downplay your injuries until you know how serious they are
  2. Do not make any kind of statement to an insurance adjustor until you have spoken to a lawyer FIRST
  3. Do not sign any settlement with an insurance company without talking to a lawyer FIRST

Attorney Carl Reynolds warns that if you are hurt in an accident and you make one small wrong move, you could greatly reduce or eliminate any damage claims you deserve.

He advises those injured to seek the help of experts in the area of personal injury. You should call Reynolds, Horne & Survant to make an appointment for a free legal consultation about your case.


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