What to Do After a Car Wreck in Macon, GA, and How an Attorney Can Help

Car accidents are shocking. They can happen so fast, yet feel as if they are in slow motion at the same time. An accident is scary, and it can be difficult to think in the moment about what you are supposed to do once a crash occurs. Read on to learn about what you should do if you get into a car wreck in Macon, GA.

Call 911

The very first thing to do is call 911. Even if there are not any injuries, it is still important for the police to show up and file a report.

Take Pictures

After a crash, document the scene of the accident by taking pictures. If the other driver tries to claim additional damages, your pictures can be used as evidence.

Exchange Information

Exchange information with the other driver. This includes name, phone number, insurance information, and license plate number. It is very important to get all of this information so that a claim can be filed with your insurance.

Find Witnesses

If any witnesses are at the scene of the crash, keep them there until the police show up. Witnesses can be very helpful in court.

Get Medical Attention

It is essential to seek medical attention after getting into a car accident. Even if you feel fine, it can be a good idea to go see a doctor. Sometimes once the shock wears off, injuries such as whiplash and concussions may appear. Go see your doctor or go to the ER to be treated after a car crash.

Call Your Insurance Company

It is extremely important to call your insurance company to report the accident. Share with your insurance the details of the crash and the information about the other driver. They will guide you through the claim filing process.

Call an Attorney

It is also crucial to call an attorney after a car accident. They will help you build a case and determine whether there was negligence on the part of the other driver.

After a car accident, it can be difficult to remember what you are supposed to do. It is a good idea to write down the tasks listed above and stick them in your car for reference. If you or a loved one gets into a car wreck in Macon, GA, Reynolds, Horne & Survant are here to help. We will help you through the entire process and make it less overwhelming for you. For more information on the services we provide, contact us today.


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