Rear-ended by Car and Insurance Company Denies Claim

Rear-ended by Car and Insurance Company Denies Claim

Ken was in an auto accident where he was rear-ended. The police report states the mitigating cause of the accident was that the other motorist was following too closely to Ken’s car. The other motorist is not challenging the accident claim, yet the insurance company stilled denied it. What are his options at this point?

Louis must now file a lawsuit or legal action against the other motorist. The other motorist has a contract with their insurance company, that the insurance company must represent them in the legal action. The insurance company must then pay out according to the court’s findings.

Once the issue of payment from the other insurance company is settled, there is also the possibility of “stacking” the policies by also taking advantage of Louis’s own uninsured driver clause within his own insurance policy.

If the conditions are right, (and only a legal adviser can determine this) there may also be a “bad faith claim” against the insurance company of the other motorist.

This means there are three possible sources of compensation for the accident.


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