Multiple Back Surgeries and still have pain?

Multiple back surgeries – Medical Malpractice:

Louie calls to tell the team that he had a back surgery in December of 2009, then the physician told him he needed an additional surgery in March of 2010. Louie feels that his back is now worse than it was before he went to this clinic. He is considering a medical malpractice lawsuit against the clinic.

Attorney Carl Reynolds advises Louie to seek an attorney’s advice to determine if he has a case. To determine if there is a medical malpractice case, the details of the medical records are critical. First, the client must allow an attorney to request a complete copy of all medical records. Then another physician must review those records to determine if there is any aspect of those medical records that do not conform to the ‘acceptable standard of care in the medical profession’ for that type of injury or illness.  Only if the physician determines that there was a deviation from the ‘acceptable standard of care’ for that type of injury or illness, then and only then, can a lawyer proceed with a medical malpractice suit.


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