What if my health worsens after a medical procedure?

What if my health worsens?

Cheryl from Milledgeville is calling on behalf of her father who had a stint installed in his chest back in March of 2010. After six months, his health started to rapidly decline. He was in the hospital repeatedly over the next year. He continues to be very ill. After nearly a year and a half since the stint had been installed, they sought a second opinion from an expert in Atlanta. The second opinion was that the original blockage was too small for the type of stint used, and when it was installed, it closed up and caused more damage to his heart and over time secondary damage to his kidneys, and possibly other organs.

Attorney Virgil says that the medical records need to be reviewed by experts to see if there were any deviations from standard procedures of care. There needs to be a review of whether there was a recognized risk of that procedure and does that risk come into play while reviewing the care received from the first doctor. He advises Cheryl to get his medical records and see an attorney right away. There is a two year statue of limitations on filing a medical malpractice suit in the State of Georgia. The Attorney must then contact a medical expert to see if there were both damages and liability.


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