Dangerous Dogs and the Law

Are you the owner of a high-risk dog? Pit Bulls are considered a high risk animal because of their propensity to bite and attack. The Chow is another high-risk breed. In many states, you will be required to have additional insurance if you own a dog that is considered high-risk.

The definition of a dangerous dog usually refers to the act, or actions of a dog that puts the public or other animals at risk of injury or death.

While statues will vary from state to state, most dangerous dog laws include the following:

-a procedure to determine whether a dog is dangerous

-a way for owners to contest the decision

-conditions that owners must meet to keep a dangerous dog

-penalties for violating these conditions

In most states, if a dog has been determined to be dangerous or vicious, an owner will be required to follow specific safety precautions to reduce the chance of danger to people and other animals.

In some states, an owner must register a dog as a Dangerous Animal. Special fees may be required along with additional requirements for confinement and leash and muzzle use.

In the state of Georgia, for instance, the owner of a dangerous dog is prohibited from selling or transferring ownership of that animal unless it is to a vet or government agency for euthanasia.

In Washington State, if an owner does not comply with the requirements of owning a dangerous dog, and if there is an incident, the animal will be removed from the home and euthanized. No questions asked.

In addition to an animal losing its life, the owner may also face legal consequences from criminal charges to fines and prohibitions of owning another dog in the future. Depending upon where you live, you may also be thrown in jail for violating Dangerous Dog laws.

While misdemeanor offenses are a common penalty for breaking the law with a dangerous dog, many states have felony statutes in place, as well.

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