Car Accident with Family Member Driving Uninsured Vehicle

Teresa calls in and describes a car accident. Her information was not detailed enough for the attorneys to advise her to the best of their ability.

What is clear is that, her car had just been repaired, and the car was in route to an insurance company to reinstate the insurance coverage. Her pregnant sister and son were in the car. Her son brought the sister to the hospital; she may have had complications with the pregnancy. The son has pinched nerves and possibly other injuries. It is not clear who was driving her car, nor is it clear if there was another car involved. She does say her car had been totaled by the accident.

The Attorneys then discuss possible scenarios where uninsured motorist clauses might cover one or more members of the accident.

  1. If the sister was a passenger AND has her own vehicle that has an uninsured motorist clause in her policy, then the sister could make a claim on her own policy against the nephew
  2. If Teresa owns another vehicle that is insured and has a uninsured motorist clause in the policy, then that policy might be used to cover the accident
  3. If there is a family member in residence at their home where another person has a vehicle with the uninsured motorist clause, then that policy might be able to cover the accident.

An attorney is needed to file a claim against the uninsured motorist clause in a policy. Attorney Wendell Horne points out that their firm always checks for any and all possible policies that might be ‘stacked’ therefore opening up more revenues sources to cover the damage from the accident.


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