10 Well-Being Checkup Questions for a Nursing Home Loved One

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Unfortunately, nursing home neglect is a common problem. There are many reasons a nursing home could be neglecting its patients. For example, the staff could be underqualified, or the medical care could be subpar. If your loved one lives in a nursing home, it’s up to you to advocate for them. Often, nursing home patients cannot speak up for themselves, or they may not even realize the abuse. When interacting with your loved one, ask them questions about their overall health and life at the nursing home. Also, pay frequent visits to the nursing home to check out the environment for yourself. Start with this list of 10 general well-being questions to get a feel for the level of care your loved one is receiving. If your loved one is injured and you suspect it’s due to neglect or abuse, contact a personal injury lawyer in Macon, Georgia, right away.

How Are You Feeling?

Start with a general question to your loved one about how they are feeling. This is an excellent way to test out the waters and see how their overall health is doing. By asking this question, your loved one might share important information about how they feel and how they are being cared for at the nursing home.

Ask About Any Noticeable Injuries. Injuries Are a Sign You Should Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer in Macon, Georgia

Each time you visit your loved one, look for noticeable injuries like bruises or bed sores. Visible injuries are an indicator that something might be wrong. Question your loved one about their injuries and determine if they were caused by neglect.

Who Takes Care of You?

Ask your loved one to identify who at the home takes care of them. If they can’t give you a name, have them point out their caregivers while you are visiting. Take the time to sit down and chat with the caregivers. These conversations can either put your mind at ease or set off alarm bells about potential issues. Do your research on these employees to make sure they are qualified to perform the tasks they are doing to keep your loved one healthy. For example, is a nursing home aide without any sort of degree qualified to be working with your loved one on their daily dementia exercises?

What Safety Features Are Inside the Home?

Ask your loved one to share with you the different safety mechanisms in place at the home. Things like bars by the toilet and a seat in the shower should be standard. Also, take a look around anytime you visit. Make sure the hallways are clear; floors should never be left wet.

Is the Home Kept Clean and Sanitary?

Cleanliness is vital in nursing homes. As seen with the rapid spreading of COVID-19 within nursing homes, it is critical for these homes to do all they can to prevent the spread of disease. Ask management some higher-level questions, like how the ventilation system in the building works. Ask your loved one about cleaning practices, like how often the sheets are changed or if the bathroom is cleaned frequently. Keeping a clean environment at the nursing home means your loved one is less likely to get sick.

Are You Receiving Your Medical Care?

Many residents inside nursing homes have various medical needs. From taking medication to doing physical therapy, it is the responsibility of the nursing home to see that these things take place. Ask your loved one about their medical care and determine whether the care is enough or if it is subpar.

How is the Supervision?

Supervision is critical at a nursing home. Many residents are fall-risk patients and should not do certain tasks alone. For example, your loved one might not be able to get up and shower on their own. Check in with them to make sure they are getting the proper supervision and help regarding tasks like this.

Do You Feel Scared or Anxious?

Reynolds, Horne & Survant, a personal injury lawyer in macon georgia, can help you with a nursing home personal injury lawsuit.

Getting a read on your loved one’s mental health is essential. Often, neglected nursing home residents feel scared and anxious. They feel alone and aren’t sure what to do. Checking in frequently on their mental health is critical.

How Often Do You Get Out of Bed?

Even if your loved one cannot walk, it’s still important that they get out of bed. Whether it’s being pushed in a wheelchair or walking with the help of a walker and a staff member, getting up out of bed is critical. Staying in bed too long can lead to bedsores and infections that could end up being very serious – if not deadly.

Have You Fallen Recently? This Could Be a Reason to Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer in Macon, Georgia

Ask your loved one if they have fallen recently. Remember, a good nursing home should be providing residents with proper supervision and helping them do things like go to the bathroom or get in and out of bed. A fall should not happen at a nursing home. If your loved one mentions falling, it could be a sign that neglect or abuse is happening at the nursing home. If you suspect neglect or abuse led to an injury, contact a personal injury lawyer in Macon, Georgia, ASAP.

Help From a Personal Injury Lawyer in Macon, Georgia

No one wants to put their loved one in a nursing home. Unfortunately, sometimes it is necessary due to the level of care that they need. Picking a nursing home can be tricky because they often look nice from the outside, but on the inside, abuse and neglect are going on. Hence, it is crucial that you frequently communicate with your loved one at the nursing home and ask them some questions. Use your questions as a gauge to determine if you think something is wrong at the nursing home. If your loved one is injured due to neglect or abuse, you have the right to sue for personal injury. Reynolds, Horne & Survant, a personal injury lawyer in Macon, Georgia, has years of experience helping clients receive damages from personal injury lawsuits. For more information about the personal injury lawsuit process, contact us today.


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