5 Reasons You Need an Attorney When Filing a Product Liability Lawsuit

When injured as a result of a poorly designed or defective product, it’s smart to consider a product liability attorney. Doing this early in the process increases your chances of a successful outcome.  The statute of limitations for personal injury claims is two years. In addition, it’s four years for property damage claims in Georgia.

If using a product caused you physical harm, personal liability lawsuits are a way for the American consumer to recover damages. Possible defendants in a personal liability lawsuit are the manufacturer, distributor, seller, and/or installer of the product. And if there were recent repairs to the product due to negligence, that company or individual may be liable.

Reynolds, Horne & Survant is here to help you navigate this process. First, save what you can from the product that caused your injury. Also, save the packaging if possible. This is valuable evidence in your case.

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We understand you are still considering your options. Here are 5 things to consider as you decide your next steps in hiring an attorney:

Product Liability Attorneys are Experts in a Complicated Area of Law

Product liability law is complicated. Hiring a product liability attorney is your best bet. Your attorney knows the methods of proving liability in the three types of product defect cases.

First are defective design cases. Defective design means the manufacturer intended for the product to turn out the way that it did. Therefore, the design is flawed, and it’s the reason for the injury. A product liability lawsuit is a method of uncovering dangerous product design flaws. Many lives are saved every year when manufacturers recall these defective products.

The second is a manufacturing defect. In this instance, the product caused injury because of a fault in the manufacturing process. Examples of these cases are food contaminated during processing that causes illness or even death. Another example is a tire blow-out due to faulty rubber. Or, unfortunately, some plane crashes are found to be a result of a manufacturing defect.

The third type of product liability is when the manufacturer failed to adequately warn of possible dangers. The potential for these claims is why you see rollover warnings in SUVs. Some SUVs are prone to tipping due to their high center of gravity. Before SUVs included these warnings, their manufacturers were vulnerable to lawsuits related to rollover crashes.

An Attorney Assesses Your Product Liability Case

A product liability attorney determines first whether your case warrants a lawsuit. If so, they know which of the defect categories applies and how to proceed from there.

In addition to the statute of limitations mentioned, time plays a factor in Georgia’s statute of repose. The statute of repose bars recovery for injuries that happen more than 10 years after the product’s first sale. This rule applies to strict liability claims and certain negligence claims. But it does not apply to allegations regarding a manufacturer’s failure to warn.

These are just some of the legal terms and issues involved in product liability law. A product liability lawyer is an expert you need to help you through this process.

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A Product Liability Attorney Determines if You Have Multiple Claims

Including all relevant claims increases your chances for success. For example, if the manufacturer didn’t include the proper warnings on a defectively designed product, that is a consideration for a claim. Some claims pursue your warranty rights. As discussed, some claims are a result of product defects. A product liability attorney assesses your case and files relevant claims for you.

A Product Liability Attorney Knows if the Case Is Eligible as a Class-Action Suit

If a product harmed you, there is a good chance others were also harmed. Your product liability attorney can obtain that information. In fact, they may already be aware of it. There is strength in numbers when litigating product liability cases. When potential exists for a class-action suit, your attorney pursues that avenue for you. And your attorney can work with the other lawyers involved in a class-action suit. They look after your best interests.

A Product Liability Attorney Knows How Manufacturers Try to Avoid Responsibility

Some companies consider litigation as part of doing business. Those manufacturers employ an entire legal department to defend them. Corporate attorneys don’t settle every case. One of their tactics is to blame you as the consumer in some way. It’s a plus when your product liability attorney has experience in a variety of cases.  Probably, at some point, they litigated against the manufacturer you are suing. This can provide them with insights to use in your favor.

When a large corporation manufactured the product that injured you, you don’t want to go it alone.

Hiring an Attorney Improves Your Chances of Winning

Product liability cases are not necessarily the easiest to win. However, product liability law should protect the American consumer. Hiring a good product liability attorney from a firm that’s as experienced as Reynolds, Horne & Survant increases your chances of a favorable result. Our attorneys know product liability law and put our experience to work for you. We’ve represented hundreds of people just like you and know how to achieve a just result.

A manufacturer’s duty is to ensure their products are safe for consumers. When they fail in this duty, resulting in injury or death, corrective action is often the result of product liability lawsuits. The benefit for all of us is preventing avoidable future harm.

You may be eligible for compensation. Defective products can cause bodily harm, leading to substantial financial losses due to medical bills, pain, and suffering. Lost income is an additional recoverable loss. Retaining a skilled product liability lawyer is essential for holding manufacturers accountable and ensuring you receive maximum compensation.

If you or a loved one has been injured by a defective product,  choosing the right lawyer makes all the difference. Reynolds, Horne & Survant is a trusted law firm serving middle Georgia for over 40 years. We are happy to discuss your case in person. Contact us today to set up a free consultation.


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